We believe in the power of human connection - across ethnicities, cultures, continents, and ages. We know for a fact that global currencies such as smiles, laughter and happiness can never trade lower than the Dollar, Yen, or Rupee. So when we go to work, we go to work with people in mind.

Marketing is to us what boxing is to Cuba, soccer is to Brazil, baseball is to the US, and cricket is to India. It comes naturally, from our culture and our people, because we look at things from a consumer's perspective. We enjoy the rush of striking an idea, revel in the challenge of finding words for a headline, and seek every possible opportunity to connect brands to consumers.

We don't follow textbooks or industry leaders; we follow consumers. We're not from Madison Avenue either, and our company isn't named after Bernbach or Ogilvy - it's named after someone far more important and timeless - the consumer.
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