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King’s College


King's College


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King’s College developed into a full-fledged institution of higher learning in 2009 with the sole objective of making world-class education available to Nepali youths at an affordable cost. In 2014, the college underwent a total transformation in terms of structure and quality, systems and processes. The college is highly regarded for its experiential entrepreneurship program and a globally sourced staff. Consumer51 was asked to create a brand identity to signify these changes, convey the institution’s competitive strengths, and help entice Nepali youths to get a world class education from home. The visual identity we created reflects a mix of traditional and contemporary elements — a school that’s in your backyard but can connect you to the world and your future. With the school’s growing investment and focus on their entrepreneurship program, we launched the new brand with a series of ads to attract prospective students with a visionary and entrepreneurial mindset.