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Whats New? How about an American Advertising Awards 2013 Silver Addy Award for Best Responsive Design (mobile versioning) on Santa Fe Spirits Website! That's right! What is a Responsive Design? Responsive is a form of coding that makes websites re-size themselves to accommodate any screen, be it a tablet or a smartphone. Have you ever tried browsing a website on your mobile phone but everything was too small to read? Squint no more by adding a responsive design to your site today! Consumer51 custom designed imagery and animation throughout the website. Each spirit has its own brand and animation. The website was built in Expression Engine CMS and includes an interactive retailer locator directory, recipes, blog, awards and more. This project also included basic SEO initialization and analytics tracking.


  • Award Winning Website
  • Designed for Mobile Devices
  • Custom Graphic Design and Animation (works on iPads)
  • eCommerce - Shopping Cart
  • Built in Expression Engine CMS
  • Online Marketing - SEO Initialization & Analytics